MessMemo costume is made for the concert performance tour “OTOZİT – PARAZİT” by Sesperisi AKA Özgür Erkök Moroder during the artist residency program at IAAB Basel in 2010. For the costume the most unwatched VHS films are chosen form the flea maket. All the tapes are mingled together to cover the body with a mess of useless recordings. Mess of useless memory that looks like plastic wild man of the forest.

concert performance tour 2010:

*Kaserne, Basel, CH

*Neues Kino, Basel, CH

*Salon Daguerre, Brno, CZ

*Luzia, Berlin, DE

* Iaab studios, Basel, CH

“This term, Otozit-Parazit is used for attached twins. One body but two beings. The one has complete form but the other one is incomplete. Medicine considers this situation as a matter of relationship between the host and the guest. the host is the host, just because it has all parts it supposed to has. But the guest is just guest, just because it has less parts than the other. I don’t think that we can say Host is host, guest is guest.
Host is host, guest is guest.
Host is host, guest is guest.
Host is host, guest is guest.
We are talking about showbussiness.”

the text from  “Playback Presentation” in Kaserne-Basel, 2010


“zombie and dummy”

by sesperisi AKA Özgür Erkök Moroder – Costume Workshop / Performance / 1 week Exhibition

Soho in Ottakring Festival, Vienna, 2014

Costume workshop “Zombie and Dummy” aims to offer an open platform to the people to fictionalize, produce and present obscure identity and gender models or parodies through costumes.

Recycling materials, construction / hardware materiales are prefered in order to metaphorize identity as a construction.

Program :

3 days of workshop at “Jugendzone16” started with a presentation about the artists and designers can be considered in between performance art and stage show

After the 3 days of design and production process, participants presented their costumes on a cat walk performance in Elektropathologische Museum in Ottakring.

Workshop was finalized with the display of the costume installation in a week of exhibition in the museum.

special thanks to Ula Schneider, Hansel Sato, Peter Riedl and Silke Baron



Opening performance at Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, 2011