on  &  behind  &  around   the stage               



                                                                        by Özgür Erkök Moroder


sesperisi @ Showtime: BUMS Berlin Underground Music Show by Das Menschenskind

performance & talkshow /// 13.2.2020 @ Stammtisch  https://www.facebook.com/events/994484667581340/

30-05-2019, Performing Arts Festival (PAF) Special Performance @ Arka Oda Berlin,

“Once Upon A Time In An Unknown Future” by sesperisi & Premiere of “Rampen Fau” with Jenny’s Playlist


a year long performance and exhibition program under the title “Once Upon a Time in an Unknown Future“,

organized by Özgür Erkök Moroder, focusing on provoking imagination and looking retrospective to now with the eyes of future.

21:00 – Opening Concert: Jenny’s Playlist

22:00 – sesperisi



16*02*19 @ Koba Electronic Textile Design Store


interview with capazine magazine


full version:  özgür erkök moroder – carpazine -interview

16-1-19  sesperisi is popping up at ARKA ODA-BERLİN, @ Transferans Rec: Istanbul Electronics


appearance in “EX” The Movie (2020) by Yiorgos Marks



th year anivessary events – 2018.. click!

09.11.2018———–Trash Era X – Special Opening Concert, Wilden Zur Renate / Berlin


“We are Wrong” SyntPunk Opera Sample by “sesperisi”
#TrashEraX [10th Edition] Special Concert

TrashEra is celebrating its 10. edition! ↹ and “sesperisi” is going on celebrating its 11th year on stage with a special opening concert for #TrashEra X.
Extravagant costumes and stories come together with synth-punk, french house and electro clash.

25. 10. 2018—— October Tone Festival – Molodoi / Strassbourg  http://www.octobertone.com/en/otparties


14. 09. 2018 ——– @ Hallo Machen, “Eine Live Meze Music by sesperisi” https://www.facebook.com/events/1192378560910113/

sesperisi is going on celebrating its 11th year on stage. This time on your meze table @ Hallo Machen on 14. sept.
extravagant self designed costumes comes together with synth-punk, french house and electro clash.

25. 08. 2018 ——– @ WHOLE UNİTED QUEER FESTİVAL   https://www.wholefestival.com/ozgur-erkok

28. 07. 2018……….  @ Chantals House of Shame  https://www.facebook.com/events/466827580397563/

Chantal sagte: “Künstler, Performer, Kostümdesigner, Musik-/Videoproduzent und Orpheus: Der aus Istanbul stammende SESPERISI führt in seine Unterwelt ohne jede Eurycide. Kein Glück kommt diesem Unglück gleich.”

the new song     “we are WRONG”     is online on soundloud


                                                                        by Özgür Erkök Moroder


sesperisi is a multiple persona flow

a story teller

voice bender / sense processer / fake producer

appearing in the temporary gate of neo synth punk universe.

It is glamouring trash

it is glowing waste

fabricated clumsy symbiotic

it happens in the gaps, catches the waves, amplifies them in order to move the ass.

Because ass is the closest shakable organ to the pain and pleasure centre


you can shake it to death and crack the gravity




this is your pain
only yours
sense it
embrace it
it’s only you who can feel it
let it take you
let it go
how much is it?
how much can you bare?
how far ist it to your delight?
how long?
how does it taste?
how does it smell?
is it hard enough? is it hard enough? is it hard enough? is it hard enough?

we want the worst
the worst
as if it didn’t happen already

                                                              “we are wrong”

we are faaaaaaaaaaaalliiiing

we are

here we are.. we are all here

because we all know that we are wrong

it’s clear

İşte Yeryüzüne Çıkıyor Sahnemiz / Here It Is Our Stage Getting On The Earth


normalerweise bin ich normal                        normally i am normal

normalerweise ist alles normal      normally everything is normal